Hi! I’m Gabrielle Leonard. Thanks for stopping by!

I am a Purpose and Business Strategy Coach for multi-talented and ambitious creatives who are emerging or existing entrepreneurs. I have worked with some amazing men and women who have gone from being unclear about their calling in life to turning their purpose into a profit and even making 5 figure months.


I am obsessed with helping others live a life that brings them peace and joy through coaching, strategic planning and customized systems that work for the individual’s life and/or business. I get a rush when a frustrated creative or visionary comes to me with the “squirrels” of hundreds of ideas running through their heads and them leaving having regained control of their creative gifts through strategically building a system that allows them to take those ideas and apply them in a way that gives them the freedom they need to have more time with family and loved ones while building a profitable business.


You don’t have to choose! It is so easy to look at entrepreneurs and think that being a business owner means always being stressed out or always being stuck in the office. It does not have to be that way (unless that’s what you thrive on).

You may work a 9-5 job and have a desire to launch an idea and have thought, “there is no way I can be a mom, a wife, work from 9-5 and still run a business on the side.” Well, my dear, I did just that. While I worked for the government, I worked on my business on the side. I still managed to take care of my family that is made up of amazingly supportive husband, two beautiful children, a cat and two dogs!  It was hard work until I found a system that allowed me to work on my business while working a full time (and very involved ) job without sacrificing family time.


All of the amazing ideas, dreams you have of being a business owner is useless without a plan of action, and a strategic plan that allows you to implement those ideas profitably.

 I am blessed to be able to say that I have taken my experience as a marketing executive for a fortune 500 company, a location manager of a multimillion dollar company (where I was able to turn two stores slated for liquidation in to two of the most profitable stores in the company), a teacher, as well as  community services specialist for the government, and my story of being homeless and a high school drop out at 18, and used my message as a platform to help people all over the world live in their purpose. I am a serial entrepreneur, running four different businesses and have a team of amazing individuals that help me fulfill my purpose. The journey to get here is what allowed me to have the insight that I now have it is allowing me to make an impact in the world today!

 If you want to take those ideas, passions, dreams and turn them into profit, set up a call with me here! I can’t wait to chat with you.